1. (One Day)
  2. tags: snails animals mischiefchampion drawing illustration one day
  3. (Budget Constraints)
  4. tags: fish tank animals fish mischiefchampion budget constraints drawing illustration comic humor
  5. (Gary)
  6. tags: gary hermit crab mischiefchampion drawing comic illustration change
  7. (Clog)
  8. tags: sink clog mischiefchampion Illustration glitter drawing humor comic
  9. (Five Signs Of Summer)
  10. tags: summer heat mischiefchampion drawing Illustration comic humor
  11. (Hobby)
  12. tags: hobby knitting craft mischiefchampion drawing Illustration comic humor
  13. (Flying Fish)
… and some close-ups:

    (Flying Fish)

    … and some close-ups:

    Flying Fish Detail 2

    Flying Fish Detail 1

  14. tags: flying fish animals drawing illustration humor mischiefchampion comic geese water ocean
  15. (Sweet)
  16. tags: Illustration drawing mischiefchampion comic humor sweet
  17. (Park Bench)
  18. tags: mischiefchampion humor Illustration drawing comic bench park
  19. (Family Portrait)
  20. tags: family portrait drawing Illustration comic mischiefchampion humor
  21. (Feeling Hat)
  22. tags: mischiefchampion comic Illustration drawing humor hat
  23. (Feeding Time)
  24. tags: birds mischiefchampion drawing Illustration comic humor feeding
  25. (Have This One)
  26. tags: baby Illustration drawing comic humor mischiefchampion
  27. (Cutting Shapes)
… and a close-up:

    (Cutting Shapes)

    … and a close-up:

    Cutting Shapes close-up

  28. tags: triangle mischiefchampion shape drawing Illustration comic humor
  29. (Shadow Puppets)
  30. tags: mischiefchampion drawing comic Illustration humor shadow puppets nude