1. I know summer hasn’t been the greatest, weather-wise, but this is still some good advice for when it does get warmer.
(How To Keep Cool This Summer 1)
… and a close-up:

    I know summer hasn’t been the greatest, weather-wise, but this is still some good advice for when it does get warmer.

    (How To Keep Cool This Summer 1)

    … and a close-up:

    How To Keep Cool This Summer - close up

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  3. Sketchbook


    My sketchbook isn’t pretty. In fact, it’s pretty ugly. Whenever I try to draw something amazing in it, my hand rebels and ends up scribbling in tongues.


    This really used to bother me. Especially after being given an incredible book documenting the insides of other people’s sketchbooks. Every line on every page seemed so well thought-out, it was like wandering around one of those pristine Open Homes  fascinating, yet you know the owners spent the entire week before bleaching out their personalities.  

    Okay, yes. I may have been a little jealous. Whatever.


    I owned a Moleskine at the time. A wonderfully pleasant smelling Moleskine. I’d carry it wherever I went, showing people the two meaningful sketches I had spent days slaving over. Then I’d take it to cafes, order some coffee, and pretend to draw more meaningful things.

    Truth is, it was half-empty.

    I could hardly look at it without feeling some pressure to fill its pages with perfect splendour. No mistakes. Just. Perfect.

    Eventually, it ended up on my pile of other half-empty Moleskines.


    (It’s not like I was incapable of filling a book with doodles. As a teenager, I had overwhelmed several journals with poems, and meticulous drawings of roses and eyeballs.)


    About a year ago, after discarding yet another half-empty Moleskine, I cracked and bought a cheap, no-name sketchbook. It was similar to the ones of my teenage journal days and so nondescript, I didn’t care what went in it. Soon it was filling up with silly puns and half-baked ideas, shopping lists, monsters, overheard conversations. And mistakes. So many mistakes.

    Unlike the Moleskine, my new sketchbook didn’t seem to mind. If it could talk, I’m pretty sure it would say something like, “Hey, you. Make horrible mistakes all over my pages. Go on. Draw that cat on stilts. We both know it isn’t funny, but that’s okay. I’m not judging.”



    These days, I only buy cheap sketchbooks.

    See more photos from my sketchbook >

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  5. (One Day)
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  7. (Budget Constraints)
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  9. (Gary)
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  11. (Clog)
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  13. (Five Signs Of Summer)
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  15. (Hobby)
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  17. (Flying Fish)
… and some close-ups:

    (Flying Fish)

    … and some close-ups:

    Flying Fish Detail 2

    Flying Fish Detail 1

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  19. (Sweet)
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  21. (Park Bench)
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  23. (Family Portrait)
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  25. (Feeling Hat)
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  27. (Feeding Time)
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  29. (Have This One)
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